Where Leaders are Made

Opportunities to improve communication skills, speaking in public, presentation and listening skills await you.

Start small and grow “by doing” in a safe club environmentAll our meetings are open to visitors – no charge.

Everyone is welcome to attend. We are going to open up the meeting room from 7:30pm for anyone who wants to test their equipment or if you are hesitant about jumping straight in at 8pm. We will be there to guide you through the process and have the chats as we get you set up. You can also message on WhatsApp if you need assistance before then. If you have experience using Zoom just log in at 8pm.

A few tips to help you prepare for the meeting:

Ensure your device is charged before the meeting.

Have a pen and paper beside you for notes

You can download the Zoom.us app beforehand and tinker around with it to familiarise yourself with it. There is a free version that works for 40minutes. Try it with your family or friends.

Audio is more important than Video. So if you are experiencing delays on the line, just turn off your video, as it’s more important to hear everyone and us to hear you.

Visitors, please email swordstm@gmail.com for a meeting invite

Looking forward to a fun evening.