General Evaluator

The General Evaluator leads the evaluation team, which consists of the Timekeeper, Ah Counter, scheduled Evaluators, and provides an overall evaluation of the meeting. Members are assigned to this role after completing three manual speeches and three oral evaluations.


  • Explain the role of General Evaluator
  • Provide a “Thought For The Day”.
  • Introduce your evaluation team and describe their duties.
  • After prepared speeches, call on evaluators to give oral evaluations.
  • Wait for videographer to change videocassettes between evaluations when used.
  • Call for Timekeeper to give report on length of Evaluation speeches.
  • Ask the Word Master for the number of times the word was used during the meeting.
  • Ask for Ah Counters report
  • Provide overall evaluation of the meeting including what went well, and where, and how improvements could be made.

Advanced Preparation

  • Contact evaluation team to ensure that all jobs are filled, answer questions and provide assistance.
  • Notify Toastmaster when a member is unavailable to fulfil assigned role.
  • Prepare “Thought For The Day”.
  • Rehearse your role to give crisp introductions and instructions as well as a brief and constructive final report.
  • Page 75 of the Competent Leadership manual gives specific instructions concerning this report.
  • Download the Swords Toastmaster General Evaluator Template.

Helpful Resources

General Evaluator Template

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