Info for new Members

Congratulations! You’ve made the transition from Toastmasters guest to Toastmasters member. Now that you’ have joined the Club, you will receive your new Pathways program shortly. More deatails later or discuss with the VPE. There is a 2 year transition period for those members who began with the CC and CL manuals.
Meanwhile, to help you get started immediately, please focus on items listed below like Guest Greeter, Ah Counter, Timer, Speech Topics, Toastmasters Etiquette and Get a Mentor.

These will help to provide guidance for you when participating in any the roles.We have detailed the responsibilities of each role and templates to assist you.These notes have been compiled by very experienced and successful Swords Toastmaster members. Remember, there are lots of ways of getting it right first time. You are encouraged to adopt your own style and own logical flow of each role. This will make it more comfortable for you, it will reduce the fear factor and improve your confidence level.The notes are advisory only, take them, shape them, and make them your own. Enjoy your success, smile and have fun.

Resources for new Members…

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  1. Hi,

    I am hoping to join Swords Toastmasters to improve my public speaking ability.
    Can you send me some information on how I can become a member please?

    Kind regards,
    Adam Lauri.

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