Provide constructive feedback to the prepared speaker, both orally and in writing, as to what went well, their strengths, and areas of improvement. Evaluating a speech is a demanding and rewarding task because it requires good preparation, a caring attitude, good listening and the ability to report clearly. This role is assigned to members after they have completed three manual speeches.


  • When called on by the G. E. (after the speeches), give an oral ‘mini speech’ of 2 to 3 minutes providing constructive feedback as to the speaker’s strengths, what went well with the speech and areas of improvement for future speeches.
  • Complete the speaker’s evaluation forms for a manual speech (in the manual itself) or non-manual speech (evaluation forms are located in the clubs box of supplies).

Advanced Preparation

  • Contact the speaker before the meeting to gather information regarding their speech (title, manual/non-manual, length, etc.). Ask what they want you to look and listen for during their presentation and what are their goals.
  • Review the manual to ensure understanding of the assignment and any special evaluation requirements.
  • Swords Toastmasters have developed a very effective structure for evaluations.
  • It is a sandwich of CRC, (Commend | Recommend | Commend)

Helpful Resources

The CRC of Evaluating

Evaluator Role